The Decoders - "Cellophane Veil"

The Decoders to Rock London

Vocal harmony meets musical genius as The Decoders hit London and unleash debut album - Cellophane Veil.

by Clayton Cook, New Zealand Times

Recently, I discovered that there is an art to driving in London, the constant stream of traffic simply means that going anywhere generally means going nowhere at all. Keeping a smile on my face whilst constantly changing gears requires sustained concentration and a form of therapy that involves some sort of
anger management.

I have found my therapy in the debut album release from London based, New Zealand fronted and European backed band, The Decoders. The album is simple, riveting guitar riffs fill the music which is structured by a solid backbone of intelligent drumming and blood pumping bass. The vocals sit on top in a mix that simply entices the listener to open their lungs and sing along. This album has it all, ballads that remind you of first loves, pop songs that remind us of how superficial we are at times and the angry tracks with lyrics that question society, politics and the everyday lives we lead. Are we giving our lives and our relationships everything? What impresses me is that despite using technology to fill the tracks, the band remains true to the soul of their music, giving us a selection of songs that have the bells and just enough whistles.

The sound is a mix of indie pop rock and with influences ranging from Tears for Fears to Radiohead to Tool, it is no surprise that the album connects with a variety of music lovers. In all honesty, I love this album and I love the band.

Forming in 2005, they have carefully crafted each step in a bid to create not just great music but great entertainment as well. After winning a sizeable NZONAIR grant from the New Zealand government, designed to support up and coming talent, the band were in a position to film a video for debut single, Crash and Burn. Teaming up with Darren S Cook (Director) and Louise Robertson (Producer) of Robertson-Cook Productions, The Decoders are now not only armed with a great album, but they also have a superb futuristic and imaginative video to boot. This is due for release in December.

More recently, the band has recorded the track, Ironman, which they hope will be included on the soundtrack for the soon to be released, Iron Man movie. For more information and to vote for Ironman, visit

The Decoders play The Comedy in London on Wednesday the 21st November and the Cafe de Paris on Friday the 23rd as part of their ‘mini’ London tour. Full gig listings and additional information on the band, including purchasing Cellophane Veil can be found at and

The Decoders are Blake Feehan (Vocals), Jon Flint (Drums), Justin Lee (Guitar), Luis Panini (Guitar) and Martin Lister (Bass) and are signed to New Zealand based label, Tapestry Music Ltd

Reviewed by Sarah Maybank

Some wag once suggested that if blokes diverted the passion they have for their footie team to the women in their lives, the divorce rate would plummet. And it’s a dead cert that further progress would be made if they talked about relationship stuff rather than joining bands and singing about it.

Still, that’d leave the Decoders with a big hole in their lyric sheets – and deprived of potential arena venue success, so don’t expect them to subscribe to that theory in the near future.

‘Cellophane Veil’ is the CK One of contemporary grown-up rock. Polished, well-crafted and radio-friendly, it has a driving muscularity that’ll keep the boys happy, plus the heartfelt lyrics and a melodic core needed to snare the girls.

The use of classic rock formulas give the album an epic, American feel ; the anthemic ‘Greater Good’ references the quiet/loud dynamic that made millions for everyone from Boston to Nirvana. The irreverent, Blink 182-ish ‘Plastic Lullaby’, meanwhile, adds a more contemporary edge, as does 'Crash & Burn', which shares power riffs with Linkin Park.

Contemplative without being downbeat, ‘Cellophane Veil’ suffers slightly from a bias towards the mid-tempo, but that never hurt Oasis did it? Plus it’d be interesting to see how well it could do across the pond in comparison. Better get pestering that record company, lads.

"I was sent this CD and have been listening to it more and more.
Damn! Good job just doesn't say it. If you get a chance, check this out."
Raf, California, Pro Audio Design Forum

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by Big Bwear

Awesome album. I had the pleasure of working on the video for Crash and Burn and all I can say is... The Album is a triumph to a bunch of talented musicians. The vocals give me goosebumps, the drums make your heart beat, The guitars sound like guitars, the bass thumps the blood through your veins. Blake Feehan has a voice that excites the ear drums with harmonies and lyrics that make you think about hearing. Buy this album! I advise you to listen to it everyday. Everyday!!! Crash and Burn can have you Changing your life. Even when you are All Alone, you an Come Undone wearing a Cellophane Veil that makes you Humble in every way. My Fixation was listening to my Plastic Lullaby for The Greater Good in a State Of Mine and not my Dreams..... see... INSPIRATION!!! The Decoders are here!!!!
These guys are on their way up.

by Jaby

Excellent album. Goes to show what London is doing in the Rock scene. Watch out Razorlight!
You've just gotta have it!

by MiniHiss

Great album, great lyrics, check them out live too as they are even better on stage:

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