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1. I'm Alive

2. Heart To Heart

3. Song For You

4. Where Do We Go

5. Love In Our Hearts

6. Night By Night

7. It's For You

8. Nature Boy

9. Where Did Love Go Wrong

10. I Have Nothing

11. Cadillac Hotel

12. Wontcha Come Back

13. To The Very End

14. They Didn't Believe Me

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The third album from New Zealands top jazz rock vocalist and the first in eighteen years, this album of tight contemporary vocals will leave you begging for more with some old favourites and some brand new gems.


Genre: Rock, Pop, Jazz-Rock
Release Date: December 2007
© Copyright - The Decoders
"Bronze" is the third album from one of New Zealands finest vocalists, David Feehan. For over 40 years he has been at the forefront of jazz rock and blue eyed soul/R&B in New Zealand, as vocalist for the world renowned Rodger Fox Big Band, with his own band DFB, and as a solo artist.

"Bronze" is a mixture of "Songs I like to sing" and features some fantastic versions of his favourite songs of other top songwriters as well as six of his own, plus a couple of jazz standards for good measure. The production is crisp and shows off the high standard of his own band and backing singers, many of whom are his students. Styles are varied but all through the album is the unmistakable professionalism of top New Zealand male vocalist, David Feehan, in his prime.

The Decoders

1.Crash & Burn

2. Changing

3. All Alone

4.Come Undone

5.Cellophane Veil


7.My Fixation

8. Plastic Lullaby

9. The Greater Good

10. State of Mine

11. Dreams Download CD on iTunes

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Genre: Jazz: Jazz-Rock
Release Date: 2008
© Copyright - APRA/AMCOS / Tapestry

‘Cellophane Veil’ is the CK One of contemporary grown-up rock.

Polished, well-crafted and radio-friendly, it has a driving muscularity that’ll keep the boys happy, plus the heartfelt lyrics and a melodic core needed to snare the girls.

The use of classic rock formulas give the album an epic, American feel ; the anthemic ‘Greater Good’ references the quiet/loud dynamic that made millions for everyone from Boston to Nirvana. The irreverent, Blink 182-ish ‘Plastic Lullaby’, meanwhile, adds a more contemporary edge, as does 'Crash & Burn', which shares power riffs with Linkin Park.

Complete Discography

1977 “It’s A Dream”
(New Zealand Recording)
Golden Horn Big Band (Ode)
2 Tracks – “Lucretia MacEvil” (Clayton-Thomas)
“Sunshine of My Life” (Wonder)
1978 “Timepiece”
(New Zealand Recording)
Rodger Fox Big Band (Ode)
3 Tracks – “Open Sesame” (Bell/Kool & The Gang)
“One Night Affair” (Phillips)
“I Always Get Caught in the Rain”
(Warwick Arr. R Fox)
1980 “Live at the 14th Montreaux Jazz Festival” (Double)
(Swiss Recording)
Rodger Fox Big Band (Ode)
3 Tracks – “Consequences” (D Feehan)
“One Night Affair” (Phillips)”
“I Got You Under My Skin” (Porter)
1981 “New York Tapes”
(US Recording)
Rodger Fox Big Band (Ode)
1 Track – “Go Down Gambling” (Clayton-Thomas)
1981 “Live at the 15th Montreaux Jazz Festival” (Double)
(Swiss Recording)
Rodger Fox Big Band (Ode)
2 Tracks – “Stolen Moments” (Nelson)
“Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” (John/Taupin)
1983 “21st Tauranga Jazz Festival” (“Live”)
(New Zealand Recording)
1 Track “Blue” (Shaw/Bryant)
1983 “New Zealand Graffito”
(New Zealand Recording)
Various (Graffito)
(A Satirical LP recorded for Charity.)
Appears on most tracks in one form or another.
1984 “Heavy Company”
(New Zealand Recording)
Rodger Fox Big Band (Circular)
(No vocal tracks – played percussion on all tracks.)
1984 “22nd Tauranga Jazz Festival” (“Live”)
(New Zealand Recording)
Various (Macsound)
1 Track – “Let’s Stay Together” (Green)
1985 “Ballade”
(New Zealand Recording)
Top Selling New Zealand Jazz Album
David Feehan (Circular)
10 Tracks – “Friend” (P Feehan)
“You’re Still the One” (P Feehan/D Feehan) (with Jan Lampen)
“Tuxedo Junction” (Hawkins/Johnson/Dash/Feyne)
“Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word” (John/Taupin)
“God Bless the Child” (Hertzog/Holliday)
“You are so Beautiful” (Fisher/Preston)
“Blue” (Shaw/Bryant)
“It was a very good year” (Drake)
“Give it one more chance” (D Feehan)
“You and I” (D Feehan/G Feehan)
1986 “23rd and 24th Tauranga Jazz Festival” (“Live”) (Double)
(New Zealand Recording)
Various (Macsound)
2 Tracks – “Orinoco” (P Feehan) (Percussion)
“You are so Beautiful” (Preston/Fisher)
1987 “Peppermint Twist” (Double)
(New Zealand Recording)
Various (RCA)
A compilation of songs from the Number 1 New Zealand Entertainment TV Show “Peppermint Songs from the Sixties”.
Feature Track “You Send Me”.
“The All Star Collection”
David Feehan Vocals on
Stolen Moments (Nelson)
And Percussion on
Stevies Wonders (Wonder)
(New Zealand Recording)
(Platinum Album)
Suzanne Prentice (RCA)
1 Track – “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”
(Duo with Suzanne Prentice)
Percussion and BVs on all other tracks.
1992 “DF”
(New Zealand Recording)
David Feehan (RMB) Records - 10 Tracks
“Save it for a Rainy Day” (Oliver/Guth)
“Somehow Our Love Survives” (Franks)
“Work To Do” (Isleys)
“Where Will You Go” (D Feehan)
“Don’t Turn Away” (D Feehan)
“We’re All In This Together” (Pardini/Pescetto/Vertelney)
“Rainy Night in Georgia” (White)
“Close Your Eyes” (D Feehan)
“Save Me” (D Feehan)
“Misty” (Garner)
1992 “Building the Nations”
(New Zealand Recording)
“Body & Soul Music” (Body & Soul Records)
12 Tracks either lead or backing vocals.
“Secret Place of Thunder” (Smith/Hornblow)
“Sing It Loud” (Smith/Hornblow)
“Breakthrough” (Smith/Hornblow)
“You Pray” (Smith/Hornblow)
“Arise and Worship” (Eggels)
“Rappin in the Spirit” (Smith/Hornblow)
“The Interpretation” (Smith/Hornblow)
“This is That” (Smith/Hornblow)
“All Right All Night” (Smith/Hornblow)
“Holy Spirit Come” (Smith/Hornblow)
“You Took My Rap” (Smith/Hornblow)
“Building the Nations” (Smith/Hornblow)
“In A Jazz Vein”
David Feehan Vocals on
The Party Is Over (Fox/Feehan)
To Live Day By Day (Fox)
2008/9 “Bronze”
(New Zealand Recording)
David Feehan (Tapestry Records)
14 Tracks lead and backing vocals.
“I’m Alive” (Feehan/Mauafua)
“Heart To Heart” (Foster/McDonald/Loggins)
“Song For You” (Leon Russell)
“Where Do We Go” (Feehan)
“Love In Our Hearts” (Feehan/Mauafua)
“Night By Night” (Becker/Fagen)
“It’s For You” (Lennon/McCartney)
“Nature Boy” (Ahbez)
“Where Did Love Go Wrong” (Feehan/Zuccollo)
“I Have Nothing” (Foster/Thompson-Jenner)
“Cadillac Hotel” (Payne/Wray)
“Wontcha Come Back” (Feehan)
“To The Very End” (Feehan/Mauafua)
“ They Didn’t Believe Me” (Kern/Reynolds)
1984 “Raw Deal”
(New Zealand Recording)
Raw Deal (Circular)
2 Vocal Tracks – “Friend” (Small Band Mix) (P Feehan)
“IYHAYKIBYL” (P Feehan/G Warring)
plus 3 Sax and Percussion Tracks:
“B Train” (Warring)
“Light” (P Feehan)
“Key is in Your Mind” (P Feehan)
(A Side) (B Side)
“Take a Load (Lay me down)”
(D Feehan/D Archer)
Climax Records
“Julie’s Gonna Change the World” (D Feehan/H Feehan)
with “Lost Souls”
“Midnight Rider”
(G Allman)
Climax Records
“In the Shadows” (D Feehan)
with “Tapestry”
“It’s Wrong” (D Feehan)
UBA Records
“Celebration” (R Argent/C White)
with “Tapestry”
Number 1 South Island, Number 3 North Island Finalist APRA Songwriters Award 1973
“In the Rain” (D Feehan)
UBA Records
“John Where You Goin?” (D Feehan)
with “Tapestry”
Finalist APRA Songwriters Award 1974
“Consequences” (D Feehan)
“Nightlife” (R Winch)
with Rodger Fox Big Band
Finalist APRA Songwriters Award 1980
“Still the One”
(D Feehan/P Feehan)
“Evergreen” (Williams)
with Jan Lampen
1985 Circular (Jan Lampen named Finalist, Best New Female Artist 1986)
“Junk Mail” (D Feehan)
1985 Circular
“Feeling My Way” (P Feehan)
with Raw Deal
“Give It One More Chance”
(D Feehan)
“Still the One” (Re-mix) (D Feehan/P Feehan)
1987 Circular (Nominated Top New Zealand Single Male Artist 1987)
“Heading in the Right Direction” (originally by Renee Geyer)
on Jayrem/Tapestry Records
“Standing on the Outside”
(D Feehan)

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